The Best Treats for Picky Eaters: Satisfying Your Fussy Dog

Do you have a picky eater at home? One of the biggest challenges for dog owners (we can relate!) is finding the right treats that satisfy your pup’s discerning taste buds. Bag after bag of milk bone-esque treats that get chewed up in .5 seconds, unsafe rawhide chews, treats made with purely questionable ingredients – it’s no wonder your pup might be a bit selective! As pet parents ourselves, we were frustrated with all of this and wanted something trustworthy, delicious, and savory our dogs can enjoy. That’s why we created the first ever chicken jerky tender dog treat, which is perfect for your picky pup.

The Allure of Chicken for Dogs
Chicken has always been a crowd-pleaser among canines. In addition to be mouth wateringly delicious, it’s an excellent source of protein and contains several nutrients that can benefit your dog’s overall health, including vitamin B6, vitamin B3, and zinc. It can also contribute to muscle development, immune system support, and a shiny coat. At Waggin’ Train, we have a protein-first approach for these reasons. All of our products are crafted to be a source of high protein that you can trust.

Texture and Palatability
One of the key reasons why chicken is a hit with picky eaters is due to its texture and palatability. Waggin’ Train’s chicken jerky tenders are meant to be savored. They have a chewy, meaty consistency that even the fussiest of dogs can’t get enough of. Our process of dehydrating chicken has been carefully tested and perfected and occurs over several hours in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We only stop once the perfect moisture requirements are met, which is what gives our jerky treats their signature “chew”.

Simple Ingredients Your Dog Loves
Our chicken jerky treats are made with 2 ingredients – no joke. We use whole muscle chicken breast and vegetable glycerin… that’s it! Whole-muscle chicken is the process of using a WHOLE, complete piece of chicken that has not been ground, cut, or manipulated other than to develop a particular shape. This is what your pup wants – REAL chicken, not another “chicken product”.
When it comes to satisfying picky dog eaters, chicken jerky treats reign supreme. Irresistible taste, texture, and nutritional benefits make them a game-changer for both owners and furry picky eaters. Find Waggin’ Train chicken jerky treats online or at a store near you!

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